Sussex Independent Removers

When you ask for the services of a company to undertake some work or job in your home, you would expect a level of courtesy that you yourself would give.
You would want that service to live up to your expectations and probably exceed them.
It would be fair to say that during any work in your home, a relationship is formed with the operatives that are there to undertake the service.
These people are in your home, handling your possessions, no doubt drinking coffee from one of your mugs.
Its obvious that there will be conversations covering many subjects, children will be talked about, holidays will be re lived and a rapport will be formed.
At this point you will more than likely have built up a degree of trust.

However, you do hear stories of poor jobs being done with less than enthusiastic employees.
Something that was chipped or marked during the job.
Dirty shoes walked all over the new carpet,
‘The job took longer than we thought so we have to charge a bit more’.
You are left with a sinking feeling of being short changed, undervalued or even ripped off.
It may be that you don’t confront the company with any issue, or maybe you do and nothing is resolved.
Sound familiar?

This leads to a very bad reputation, one that will not endear the customer to giving a recommendation.

Sussex Independent Removers are all too aware of the practices that go on and we pride ourselves that none of the above should ever take place.
All our members are continually recommended by past customers, so we must be doing something right.
In fact, many of them don’t advertise to gain work, its all recommendation, this is a testament to good service.

We are quite realistic though and know that sometimes, things don’t go as planned.
This is when true professionalism takes over and any issues are rectified as they occur.
Our members will help each other should instances arises that require it.
This is unique amongst collectives such as ours and gives our customers total peace of mind.